As a teenager, I typed out first, second, third, and if I’m lucky, fourth chapters of all these great novels on my dad’s hand-me-down Olivetti. Somewhere in a satchel, these manuscripts are slowly disintegrating. After I entered journalism school, writing fiction lost much of its appeal, but thankfully, I have contributed to several books – it’s fun to fulfill youthful dreams, even if I’ve had to take the scenic route.

Food Cultures of the World – Iceland

Business Class: Lessons From High Fliers

  • “Man About Chinatown – Ho Nai Chuen”
  • “Soul Man – Paul Yap”
  • “Driven To Live The Dream – David Leong”
  • “Striking A Chord – Wong Jian Bing”
  • “Click To Win – Leonard Tan”

The St. Regis Bloody Mary World Collection – Vodka, Spice and All Things Nice

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