About.com is an online network of more than 900 Topic sites offering expert, quality content providing information and solution on just about everything under the sun, from parenting and healthcare to technology and travel. And now, eyeglasses.

Growing up in a family that has been in the optical business since my grandfather’s days, and as daughter and sister to optometrists, I spent school vacations working at my dad’s practice. I know more about eyewear – what makes a good fitting for various facial constructions, the differences between a quality frame handmade in Japan and one spat out of a machine in China – than the average person on the street. Channeling this knowledge as a layperson consumer with an inside track to help others look good and see better through Eyeglasses.About.Com is not only a fun opportunity that brings so many parts of my life together, I truly am in love with gorgeous eyewear and the passionate designers that bring the best frames to light.

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