Louis Vuitton City Guide – Singapore

of-this-minute_46After spending 12 years cutting my teeth on the media maelstrom that is America, I returned home to Singapore with brand-new rose-colored, searching and more critical glasses catching up on the last decade and change. Often still feeling like an expat but with very much a local girl’s heart, there has been no better time to play tourist at home – in six years, Singapore has bounded from major Asian business powerhouse with the best-kept street food scene to must-do/must-eat/must-experience/must-take-picture-of-Marina-Bay-Sands-from-every-angle metropolis. It’s been such a joy ride to be a part of this progress, watching chefs and bartenders of all ilks and talents move in, creative visionaries set up shop, and everyone embracing all of it. For the upcoming Louis Vuitton City Guide’s Singapore edition, I spent days pounding the pavements for the city’s most discerning shopping and fashion buys and ogling, cooled my heels at our unique spas and traditional rejuvenation spots, then had nightcaps at our top watering holes. And yes, I also devised walking tours of Marina Bay Sands and Orchard Road, and insider tips on super slick moves, like where you should go swimming. Stay tuned for vignettes when the book is published in October 2014.

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