Reader’s Digest: PhotoYou

I love taking pictures – it’s the unspoken journalism, and much easier than keeping a diary (I’m no Sam Pepys). But writing for PhotoYou (as well as editing two issues), a photography magazine published by Reader’s Digest, has been both humbling and awe-inspiring – I find myself having to lift my jaw up from the ground as I watch professionals and masters at work. From the great Magnum photojournalist Abbas and Aquabumps shutterdude Eugene Tay to some of the best contemporary travel and food photographers such as Penny De Los Santos (SaveurNational Geographic) and Dave Hagerman (New York TimesTravel + Leisure), you can’t help but want to complement their stunning images with the most beautiful words you can summon.

PhotoYou Summer 2012 – Beachy Keen

PhotoYou Summer 2012 – Tim Tadder: Advertising Photographer (cover story)

PhotoYou Spring 2012 – Shoot Softly Now

PhotoYou Spring 2012 – Bokeh and Going Blur

PhotoYou Autumn 2011 – A Day In The Life of Photojournalist Neo Xiaobin

PhotoYou Autumn 2011 – Editor’s Note

PhotoYou Autumn 2011 – Penny De Los Santos

PhotoYou Autumn 2011 – Shoot & Tell

PhotoYou Autumn 2011 – Snap, Show & Tell

PhotoYou Autumn 2011 – Women In Pictures

PhotoYou Autumn 2011 – A Photo Walk With Dave Hagerman

PhotoYou Spring 2011 – The Sweet Art

PhotoYou Winter 2010 – What’s That

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