Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris

It’s a privilege to write for the best airline in the world, and an even greater honor that it’s my hometown airline. Among some of the best brains and personalities in the world, I’ve profiled CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo, CNN journalist Richard Quest, celebrity chef Cat Cora, World Gourmet Summit mastermind Peter Knipp, skyline-transforming architect Ole Schereen, hot couturist Alexander Wang, and design wunderkind Marcel Wanders, as well as strolled through Parisian catacombs, eaten like a sumo wrestler, and uncovered Singaporean gems that only a local would know.


SilverKris November 2014 – Four Seriously Funny Singapore Comedians

SilverKris August 2014 – Singapore’s Flourishing Art Scene

SilverKris July 2014 – Buy Local, By Locals

SilverKris March 2014 – Fun Ways To Get Fit

SilverKris February 2014 – Cultivation Nation

SilverKris October 2013 – Ten Minutes With Cat Cora

SilverKris October 2013 – What I Like: Dick Lee

SilverKris September 2013 – A Walk On The Wild Side

SilverKris August 2013 – Living History

SilverKris August 2013 – Street Smarts

SilverKris July 2013 – The French Revolution

SilverKris May 2013 – Under One Roof

SilverKris April 2013 – Trailing Nostalgia

SilverKris February 2013 – A Good Vintage

SilverKris January 2013 – Nonya Nosh

SilverKris November 2012 – Up In The Air

SilverKris November 2012 – Band On The Run

SilverKris October 2012 – Gastrogig: A Rooftop Feast

SilverKris August 2012 – High Fliers

SilverKris.Com May 2012 – A Well-Furnished View

SilverKris May 2012 – Citizen Architect

SilverKris April 2012 – Dishing It Up

SilverKris March 2012 – Right On The Money

Silver Kris February 2012 – A Heavy Dinner

SilverKris January 2012 – Wonder Boy

SilverKris January 2012 – Drink Easy

SilverKris October 2011 – Grave Concerns

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